Saturday July 4: All about the Independence


Vienna – Brno. Landed safely with just one lady running with her safety bag near her mouth. One massive turbulence. Maybe showing us what will be our decision like. With all my mantras my stomach was quite dancing. Leaving behind all the ceremonies, awards, my people. I am missing them all. And I am sorry not being able to meet them all. Istanbul. Forever within my soul. And all the pre-travel rush in my stomach too. But we had super comfy travel back home in the airport taxi (combi car). And it was fine with a bag of Pretzels and Haribo bonbons.

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Wednesday June 25: Someone is crying here


Changing things slowly regards a huge amount of patience. Listening to the Nirvana Cafe at the Radio Voyage and feeling distant from my past, which seems rather connected with my body and its presence in Levent. My mind is already prepared to go. With each person leaving I am closer to the voyage. I feel lack of time for all the people-I-have-to-visit-one-day. It might be another lecture. Do things today or forget it. Continue reading

Wednesday June 11: Last minute call

Istanbul is suffering both from drought and plenty of water, when raining. The plants need it, my trousers less. I love when I walk down the street and can notice the villagers selling cherries, artichoke, nuts. Same with the dut seller. They give love in their work, touching the fruit gently as if it was a treasure. I can feel the taste, by simple looking at them. In Czech strawberry time has already begun. I can not have everything at once, can I?! Continue reading

Wednesday  June 4: Waiting

Being part of the Turkish life, had been good. My husband calls me Turkish citizen without the ID. Integration must be a matter of will of both newcomer and neighbours. I could not change what I dislike, they could not stop wondering about my habits. We have found some balance (as they are very tolerant – at least „my people“). They have started understanding my vision od Turkish language, closing eyes for my strong greetings, forget about my bohemian hairstyle. And I know now there is nothing wrong with formal greetings, hot weather and problems in life. I can not blame Turkey, for what seemed ruined in me. Continue reading

Thursday May 8

Waking up after difficult night with your kid… Laryngitis and so many questions. Where are we going? Why? Where is my babicka Sara? When is teta Yara coming to see us? Why I can not stay overnight with your mum? How will the dog fly? Isn´t she going to die on the plane as she is too old and sick? Do you put all my toys for charity? Why are the boys at school saying I should not play with them? Continue reading

Monday May 5

9 weeks and I am super excited. Some material things from my old times are gone. Most of the „Turkish time“ things donated too. I have gained more freshness in my mind. I am. Our cherry tree has already small green cherries under the leaves. My plants blooming all over the small piece of garden. This is my imagination of Eden. Proper amount of light and petals, fresh air and nothingness. Continue reading